Demo 2012

by Oehm and The Fire

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Recorded at Mason Jar Music ( in October of 2012.


released November 27, 2012

Drums - Nick Ward
Bass - Gabe Miller
Piano - Michael Donovan
Guitar, Vocals - PJ Herring
Engineer - Jon Seale
Producer - Jon Seale, Hope & ANchor



all rights reserved


Oehm and The Fire New York, New York

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Track Name: Can I Paint Your Dreams
All the little pretty girls put your party dress on
Patten leather shoes, strap 'em on up
I've got a bad idea, smirk to go with it, hands on the wheel and dreams worth living

All the mamas and the papas pacing to and fro
If my little eyes should set on their baby girl
Oh darling don't you lurk in your daddy's shadow
Take my hand and flee

But oh my my my
Don't tell me lies
The road that's stretched beyond
Can not be without me
So tell me darling can I paint your dreams?

All the boys walking in like they got prophets tongue
White t-shirts, leather jackets, blue jeans cuffed
Oh darling don't you pay them no mind
Take my hand and flee

So tell me darling can I?
So tell me darling can I?
I've been waiting so long, so long to live without you girl
So tell me darling can I paint your dreams?
Track Name: A Conversation
From the first day I swelled my lungs I breathed deep gravity's song
"You may toil, you may strive, you will succumb to my might"

The keys notches shaved to the bone; collision course with the ocean's floor
The heaviest hand's consequence: combusting chains 'til free at last

I hear the years casting their doubts
A chorus of one: "Boy you'll drown"
But one of these days...

I'm gonna soar
To the top

From just a spark to flaming tongues
Lapping every inch of the gates of hell
No longer accustomed to my head bowed
No longer scuffing my feet on the ground

Don't you think I'll never let go
Forsaking all I known
To the cliffs we go
Forsaking all we know
Track Name: The Only Way Out
My daddy never taught me to shave
So I stared into the mirror and drew the blade
Still got the scars to celebrate today

I walked on through that door night after night
To tally days and wonder if this higher power might
Save me from my impending birth right

The only way out
The only way down
To loft along on hands of complicity
Lord take this thorn
I'll ask no more
Who knows the kind of vessel I am meant to be

She slipped that golden band over knuckles cracked
Against plaster, against wood, against inevitable relapse
Under bells, I swore this was the end

Lay down my arms
No halt the run
Be dirt to the cycle of bloom and droop
A prison bird's song can not loft beyond
The steel bars it calls its home
Track Name: Weary
Ascertain the tributes of the soul
Mind the white capped stir thrashing below
Steam the panes of the west
Steam the panes of the east
Scrape the withering heights
Plum the blinding depths
Oh weary soul, rest

The only little thing you'll ever need
A turned up coat, a blank page history
Swallowed whole, the starless evening sky
Just to hear that rumbled psalm unsatisfied

Oh the brute, sir father of time
Ushering along or laying supine
For the love of the still
For the love of the rush
Lover opposite
Lover never enough
Oh weary soul, rest

To return to dandelion dreams
When beyond was a land to be seen
Wishes could be made on maybe flashing streaks
No harm to come under sheets